The Team


2014 FTC World Championship


The most fundamental aspect of any succesful robotics team is the integrity and cohesiveness of its team.

Eagles Robotics Xperience's success is owed largely to the amazing conglomeration of students that comprise the team. Bringing together countless talents, skills, and attitudes, the mix of personalities and ideas undoubtedly strengthens the team.

The importance of team cohesiveness and synergy is extremely important to ERX in particular because of our strong focus on student leadership - the majority of aspects of the team are ran and operated by team members, making effective teamwork a priority.

ERX teamwork is centered around self-responsibility - each member has a thorough understanding that they are a part of team and that their effort and work impacts the team as a whole.

Hence, all members are expected to understand the need to significantly contribute to the team in order to maintain a standard of excellence. An oversight or mis-step by any member has consequences for the entire team.

ERX members are like cogs in a winch - a series of reductions. Having even a single cog missing results in an improper reduction - thus, every cog needs to be in the right place to ensure that things happen as expected.



2014 FTC South Super Regional


2014 FTC South Super Regional


ERX, nonetheless, has a self-imposed team structure designed to help improve synergy and guide cooperation. 

At the top of the structure is the ERX Chairman. This team member is responsible for the overall functioning of the team as a whole. As the executive captain of the team, the Chairman alone can make any decision regarding team operations. 

The Chairman maintains daily operations, ensures smooth sailing, makes executive decisions and deals with administrative and backend tasks of the team. As far as the food chain goes, the Chairman is at the top of the totem pole.

Nonetheless, the Chairman isn't a tyrant - he works with teammates to make the right and proper decisions for the team, but reserves the executive privilege of making any and all decisions for the better welfare of the team.

Aside from the Chairman, the next two most important members are the Controls Captain and Mechanical Captain. 

These two persons have the executive leadership for the sub-controls and sub-mechanical teams. They make executive decisions regarding their respective teams; decisions which can only be overruled by the Chairman himself. 

As such, the two sub-team captains make sure the work for their respective teams is accomplished both on-time and at the expected level of caliber.


2014 FRC South Florida Regional


2014 FTC South Florida League Championship


In addition to the Chairman, there is also a Vice Chairman position. The purpose of the Vice Chairmanship is to have a "right-hand-man" to the Chairman, who also learns from the Chairman in order to occupy the Chairmanship in the following year.

Election to the Chairmanship has not had a precedent; instead, a freshman or sophomore can be elected to the vice chairmanship, serve a year in tutelage, and then ascend to the chairmanship. 

Although election to the Chairmanship is without precedent, it is all-together not strictly impossible - merely not recommended due to the difficulty and complexity of the Chairmanship.

Besides the four main positions within the team, the structure is incredibly loose; that is to say, there are no other explicitly defined positions in the team framework.

Additional responsibilities within the team, such as media production, outreach, social media, etc. are all managed in a collective basis. Team members volunteer for duties and recognize the importance of contributing to the team beyond the robot.

Team members understand this solemn obligation to the team and contribute based on their skillset or timeline. 


2014 FTC South Florida League Meet 2


2014 FTC South Florida League Meet 1


ERX was established as the official robotics team of Atlantic Community High School and, consequently, all of its members are students from the high school.

Nonetheless, the future of ERX seems to move in the direction of a community-based team, where members outside of Atlantic Community High School will be able to join the team. 

ERX started and operates the Palm Beach Robotics League through STEM HQ, and will likely become a filter-feeder team for exceptional students within the league.